Using Conda on Raspbian



Raspberry Pi

I use Conda everywhere at work, and wondered if I could get it installed on my new Raspberry Pi. There are Miniconda installers in Continuum’s archives for the Pi’s armv7l architecture, but they’re pretty old; by default, you’ll end up with Python 3.4, and won’t be able to upgrade to a version lik 3.6 without some work.

While I was looking for a solution, I ran across Berryconda, a Conda distribution specifically for Raspbian Jessie (Buster seems to work too). To install Berryconda with Python 3.6:

curl -OL
bash ./

You’ll need to follow the CLI prompts to finish the installation.

Alternatively, you could just add the following Berryconda channel to your Miniconda installation to get the same effect:

conda config --add channels rpi