Stockholm | Ben Cunningham


From Stockholm, SE · on July 5, 2017

Shelley and I continued our long holiday by flying to Stockholm for another four days. This leg of our adventure was a late addition to the itinerary after our companies extended our vacations into the late work week. We planned even less for our tour through the sentimental capital of Scandinavia, but it ended up being just as much of a blast.

I haven’t had time to share all my thoughts about this trip, but check back soon!


11 A.M. Trekking Downtown Stockholm

8 P.M. Midnight Cravings


10 A.M. By Land and Sea

12 P.M. The Old Town

8 P.M. British Beer and Bodegas


1 P.M. Skansen

4 P.M. Vodka Dreams


2 P.M. Chasing Down Eats

9 P.M. Midnight Cravings (Redux)