My Monolithic Cheat Sheet



This post is going to be one big cheat sheet for some of the software I use most often. I think my single guiding principle will be to list only the most useful commands that I tend to forget. I imagine that means this page will be under construction for a long time. 👷


Clear screen: Ctrl + l

Go to beginning of line: Ctrl + a

Go to end of line: Ctrl + e

Move back / forward by a word: Alt + b Alt + f

Delete to beginning of line: Ctrl + u

Delete to end of line: Ctrl + k

Edit long command in Vim: Ctrl + x, Ctrl + e


Install on Linux: curl -sSL | sh

Pull an image: docker pull NAME

List containers: docker ps [-a, for all]

Start a container: docker start NAME

Stop a container: docker stop NAME

Build an image: docker build . docker build - < Dockerfile docker build

Remove an image docker rmi NAME

Load an image from an archive: docker load < NAME.tar.gz

Save an image as an archive: docker save NAME > NAME.tar


Install formula: brew install NAME

List available versions of formula: brew search NAME@

Install specific version: brew install [email protected]

Install from specific commit: brew install<COMMIT>/Formula/<FORMULA>.rb



Install Miniconda: Download installer here, then bash

Update conda: conda update conda

List environments: conda env list

Create new environment: conda create --name NAME python=3.6

Activate an environment: conda activate NAME

Install package with pip: pip install NAME

Install package with conda: conda install NAME


List packages: pip list

Install package: pip install NAME pip install -r requirements.txt

Uninstall package: pip uninstall NAME

virtualenv / virtualenvwrapper

Create a new environment: mkvirtualenv [-r requirements.txt] NAME

List available environments: workon

Use an environment: workon NAME

Stop using an environment: deactivate

Remove an environment: rmvirtualenv NAME


Switch encoding of file: :set fileformat=unix


Start new session: tmux tmux new -s NAME

List sessions: tmux ls

Attach session tmux attach -t NAME

Make horizontal split (vertical line): Ctrl + b, "

Make vertical split (horizontal line): Ctrl + b, %

Kill pane: Ctrl + x

Create window: Ctrl + c

Rename window: Ctrl + ,

Kill window: Ctrl + &

Detach session: Ctrl + k

Kill session: tmux kill-session -t NAME